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Trying to buy a car with NO credit or Bad credit?

Are you trying to establish credit but nobody seems to give you the chance?

Do you keep getting turned down for credit?

Having no credit or having to re–establish credit due to Divorce, Bankruptcy, or Job loss can raise auto loan rates as high as 24%!

We have found that these and many other problems are what renters and credit challenged individuals have run into when it comes to improving or establishing credit.

The Debt Free Like Me Rent Reports Program was designed for the main purpose of helping individuals establish credit without having to resort to high interest loans or credit cards. For most people, a person’s rent payment is the single largest payment they make each month, yet it is not used in the calculation of a persons credit score.

Let us represent you in maximizing your credit score and obtain the credit you deserve. Let our years of experience and relationships help save you money; we know what lenders want, and the process of delivering a complete profile assures you get the best rate available to you.

Benefits Include:

  • Add your rent payment history to all 3 Major Credit Bureaus
  • Add your monthly rent payment record to all 3 Major Credit Bureaus
  • Have your resident history reported as a Real Estate line of Credit
  • Increase your Credit Score with a new positive credit line
  • Increase your Credit Score with additional positive credit history
  • Prove You're a responsible tenant with a Positive Payment History
  • Enjoy Increased Buying Power with an Established Credit History
  • Provide Creditors with a Verified Report of your payment history
  • Our Verification includes up to 2 years past Rental History
  • Tenant Verifications are good with all Mortgage Companies
  • Tenant Verification includes Management Companies, Landlords & Private VOR

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