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Financial Literacy


A key aspect of the ongoing effort to help consumers achieve financial wellness is financial education. We make effective financial literacy education available to every consumer across the country. Debt Free Like Me accomplishes its mission by providing high-quality, user-friendly financial literacy education programs for consumers, non-profit, educational and governmental organizations. These are national standardized educational programs designed to help the reader build a solid foundation for managing their personal finances.

Guide to Credit and Debt Management

The Guide to Credit and Debt Management is designed to help you understand what consumer credit is, the various types of credit, how your credit is analyzed, and examine the pros and cons of using credit. It will also help you understand what debt is and show you how to effectively manage your debt.

Guide to Budgeting

Guide to Budgeting is a self-study program where participants learn the fundamentals of personal budgeting, determine their current personal budget, identify areas of their personal budget where improvements can be made, determine net worth and explain its importance and set attainable financial goals.

Make Your Move

Make Your Move is a certificate homebuyer education program designed to meet the needs of consumers and teaching organizations. MYM meets the standards of Fannie Mae, HUD, Neighborhood Investment, and Private Mortgage Insurance Agencies. This national, standardized program can be taken self-study.

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Financial Literacy

Special Guide for Young Adults

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Financial Guide

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