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Debt Management

Our debt management program allows you to include unsecured debt such as credit cards, department store cards, personal loans, past due medical bills, past due utility bills and IRS bills. Our Debt Management Program negotiates with creditors to lower interest rates. We then consolidate all bills into one easy monthly payment and often times reduce monthly payments up to 50%. Then you make one affordable monthly payment to our non-profit service provider, which then disburses to your creditors. Regardless of financial status, everyone can benefit from getting interest rates lowered or eliminated. We help you to avoid bankruptcy, improve your credit, and stop harassing calls from your creditors. According to Fair Isaac, the fact that you participate in a debt management program is not calculated into your FICO score.

Benefits Include:

  • No hidden fees.
  • Pay off debt quickly.
  • Improve credit ratings.
  • Dramatically lower interest rates.
  • No waiting period to get started.
  • No minimum financial requirements.
  • We can develop a sensible budget for you that you can live with.
  • We do not report your debt management participation to the credit bureaus.
  • We will not terminate you from the plan if you are unable to fulfill established payment terms. Once we are notified, we work to further identify a plan that will accurately reflect your ability to pay off your debt.

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